• - Lead Developer, Co-creator

    Charlie Hoey is a developer at the lovely Barbarian Group. This is his first video game.

  • - Game Artwork, Original Music, Co-creator

    Peter Malamud Smith is an editor at Parade and plays in a band called The Aye-Ayes. He was an English major.

  • Dylan Valentine - Developer

    Dylan Valentine is a web and interactive application developer in Philadelphia.

  • Michael DiMotta - Illustrator

    Michael drew our truly stunning magazine ad artwork, which I plan to frame and hang on my wall shortly. Check out his tumblr!

  • Source Code

    The Great Gatsby for NES is open source, under the GNU General Public License, so knock yourselves out! It's pretty clean, but it is my first AS3 project, so if you go digging through the code, please wash your hands before you eat anything. It's over here at BitBucket.


    For many reasons, some legal, we'd prefer not to profit from this game. But if you've got some money burning a hole in your pocket, we have two charities we'd recommend. If my calculations are correct, one of the following should entice you: